"Tori Deer" front

"Tori Deer" front

Ok so this is how this shirt came about. SO today at dance we were trying to take the letters from everyone's name and make words out of each letter. Like Abi was A Big Insect. Molle and Abi were wearing their pray 4 tori shirts. And that's when Mollee came up With Prancing Deer Always Yell. THen as a joint effort we all came up with Tori's Oustanding Recovering Injuries. And that just got me thinking that that would be something cool to put on a shirt. So this is from a little bit of every one on teen company. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Michelle Galbraith

It's way easy Mollee!

It's way easy Mollee! You just go to www.customink.com and clink on a little thing that says the lab. Then you can coose what you what to design there's diefferent pants, shirts, they have everything even like pens and stuff. So yeah you can put words and pictres and stuff on them. Hope that helps!
Michelle Galbraith


hey thanks babe but i dont have java and so it wont let me do it! and my dad wont let my download it so yeah well call me so we can play!

how do you do that????

michelle tell me how you do that haha i want to make a shirt and put it on the internet!!!!!! so yeah how do you do it ?¿?¿ haha

hahaah. yeah michelle!

hahaah. yeah michelle! i love it. ahhah