Trip to China

Tim and family all of us are with you and Tori is making changes to more people than you will ever know. Tori is a stronge person and must of had some greats parents along the way. I will be waiting for any up dates your friend always.


Hello, My name is Amy Stockton and I have a ten year old son who suffered traumatic brain injury in 2005. He is in a minimally conscious state and we are looking into going to China for stem cell treatment. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about your experince there? Are the facilities clean and sterile? Did you do research on the doctor's? Stuff like that. One more rather important piece of information... could you give me some fundraisers ideas that you had to raise the money for the China trip?

You can stop by Kaleb's web site if you would like.

Re: China

Hello Amy,

Our experience with Tori in China was certainly positive and we are waiting for further progress in Tori. You can review our experience there by going here and reviewing the January 10th through February 12th entries. There is great information as well on the Yahoo! Groups below and I would like to encourage you to subscribe to them. You can subscribe to each of them at and you will need to create a Yahoo! account. There are many, many people on these forums in situations similar to ours and they are very willing to help. Some of them have also already been to China or other places for SCT (Stem Cell Treatment).

Thank you for your support and and our prayers are with Kaleb and your family,



Need some information

I have a daughter who is 9 years old. She was normal till she is 2 years old then she looses her ability to walk and talk. When i read about Tori's story there is hope i can see. Could anyone who is gone for this treatment please let me know how much it costs what is the procedure. I am very much interest in taking my daughter to China. Please if you can give me some information that would be more helpful to me.

Thank you

Re: Need some information

Hello Padma,

If you send an e-mail to Kirshner at her email address she will respond with all of the details available. She has been our core contact person for Tori's trip and can give you the costs, schedules and basically answer any questions that you may have. I'm also in the process of creating another page on this site dedicated to brain injury resources including stem cell treatments.

Thank you and good luck!!


my son

Hello, my name is Janet and my son Steffan sustained a severe traumatic brain injury in 2000, he was hit by a truck. I am also interested in the stem cells from China. Is this the only place in the world where they are using them on humans? Can you please send me info at My prayers go out to you all. He is my only child and my whole world. It hasn't been easy. Thank you for your time...sincerely

Thank you

Hi Tim

I hope Tori is feeling better soon!!! thanks so much for keep us up to date on her treatment!! She is in our prayers. Kirsh sent me an email with all the details i needed and she is very helpful.

Contact Kirshner

For more information on the treatment you can send an e-mail to


- Jon

An alternative to China's stem cells

I saw your email, and I just wanted to let you know, there is an alternative to going to China to help your child. I wish I would have seen Tori's website before she left to go there, so I could tell her family. Right here in the United States, there are products which would allow your daughter to create her own stem cells, instead of using someone else's, and without the huge expense of $20,000 for the treatment, plus the added traveling expenses. There has been great success with this. If you would like more information, please email me, and I would be glad to tell you more about it.

I am interested in it

Please tell me what are the products which would help my daughter. How can they create her own stem cells. Please send me an eamil with details and where i have to go in the United States. That would be great if you can get her treatment here.

thank you

Re: An alternative to China's stem cells


Thanks for your input Diana and I have spent a few hours extensively researching both positive and negative aspects on Glyconutrients, Ambrotose and Mannatech itself. In being open, honest, and frank as I always am, there are plenty of negative views particularly on Mannatech primarily because it is MLM (Multi Level Marketing) based and yes, you can also extensively research in a few hours with Google :-) I also live in Utah which is the MLM capital of the world so I understand them quite well. First off, it is highly misleading and an absolutely HUGE stretch to try and compare ANY nutritional product that MAY have the potential for 'helping your cells communicate' and for being 'likely responsible for causing the body to manufacture its own stem cells' to actually receiving 50 million adult stem cells and nerve growth factor. It should certainly NOT be considered as an alternative solution to Stem Cell Treatment and realistically cannot even be compared to it but it MAY be a complimentary solution. I state MAY primarily because there is NO clinical and peer reviewed data available on Glyconutrient benefits to human beings to back up the marketing claims made in your post. The product disclaimer indicated on almost every website I searched also validates this fact.

Even given all of that, I would still agree that some of the scientific analysis on Glyconutrients and the proposed benefits associated to humans seems plausible. Whether it warrants some of the product prices I reviewed I'm not nearly as sure. That fact combined with Tori's extremely sensitive digestive system makes me hesitant to try but if you are willing to donate a few months of the Glyconutritional supplements on trial basis I would probably consider it further and I am being very sincere on this request.

Please let me know through private email and thanks again for your input and support for Tori. As I have always indicated, I will at the very least research and consider any treatment that may possibly help Tori in her recovery and I stand behind that. I might not implement them all but I will be opened minded my research.




I have a friend who insisted that we try the Mannetech products for Camron. I gave him tablespoon after tablespoon of the stuff and saw no difference except that I was poorer. Maybe I just needed to spend more and more and then I would have seen the difference -- I doubt it.

Ann Stephens
Author, "By Believing, One Sees--Life Lessons Learned From a Son's Traumatic Brain Injury"


I had the same issue with these glyconutrients. I bought them for about seven months and used about a can every two weeks. I saw no difference in Kaleb at all! All I saw was my pocket book getting thin. I think if we pored a can a day down their tubes, I think then we will see a difference. Unless, I hit the lottery, this will not happen anytime soon. If this stuff is so great, I think they should make it more affordable to the public. We are already spending thousands of dollars on rehab equipment and nutrition and meds and everyday supplies. The list goes on... Good luck with the pump. I hope that the leak will be fixed and her muscle tone improves.