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Orem's ways to connect us to where Tori has been laid to rest

What's the weather like?
Orem city daily weather summary on location

What is it like right now?
Webcam view

What were the 24 hours like?
Short time lapse movie of the last 24-hour

All this information is provided by the City of Orem and Weather Underground. Having found myself wandering to their site quite often lately I wanted to share it with all of you. While we all have reasons to visit Orem, UT (great people there), it is sometimes difficult. Right as I am writing this, I am finding myself 7840 miles or 12617 kilometers away from there... The Weather Underground information site provides a way to stay connected. I am sure I am not alone.

So to make it as easy as possible to access, I have placed a widget on the right side of Tori's site for all that information to easily be available to all of us.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Love, -Guy

Tribute to my beloved sister - by Whitney Schmanski

Dance - Tori Schmanski Tribute Video

Major update required due to site abuse

Bonjour everyone, it has been a while since required so much attention.

Someone took advantage of our site to do fraudulent activities online which required me to spend the last 4 hours updating a lot of software on it.

There is no way to tell what I have possibly broken right now but at least it seems to be back online. We will continue to monitor and stabilize the new version over the next days.

Best regards,
-Guy (going to bed)

Site maintenance update

Bonjour everyone, Tori's site just received a pretty significant system upgrade. After a quick tour, it seems every still works properly.

Please report any issue you may find to admin @ or leave us a comment here.


The longest day of their lives (literally)

Maria, Tori and Tim have made it to Los Angeles, California. In a matter of minutes now, they will be together with Brendan, Whitney, Grandpa, Grandma, Cupcake, Thumbs and Tinkerbell. The house will be full again as a family gets re-united.

As they are on the last stretch home, I wanted to make everyone realize that they all just lived the Longest day of their lives.

For matter of simplification, I am going to cheat a tiny bit on the hours so that it is easier to remember.

Maria, Tori and Tim left Shanghai at Midnight (00:00) on the morning of Tuesday the 12th. As of 8:30pm mountain standard time, it is/was still Tuesday the 12th for them and it has been for over 35 hours! Now it is/was only 8:30pm at the time and they would have just landed in Salt Lake City. So another 45 minutes drive away from home + 30 minutes to get the luggages from baggage claim and loading the cars. In the end, it is very like that their February 12th 2007 will have lasted for over 37 hours.

There is a tiny detail as well. The day started at midnight. The flight from Shanghai to Paris is a late night departure. This means they have been up all day on the 11th before that.

So they could have had:
- breakfast in Paris by getting there at 5:30am
- lunch in Los Angeles by getting there at 12:50pm
- dinner in Salt Lake City by getting there at 8:30pm

Looking to make sure I didn't make mistakes with the flights and timezones, I found out something interesting... Today's flight AF0111 from Shanghai (PVG) to Paris (CDG) was canceled! There were meant to come home today I suppose.


Internet access outage at the Hospital

Tim wanted to let you all know that there is an Internet access outage at the Hospital.

He may not be able to provide udpates for a few days. He will let us all know once he is online again.

Thanks and a great day to all of you,

The Journey from Orem, Utah, USA to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China - Part5

Tori, Tim and Maria have not contacted us this morning. They should have landed in Paris and transferred to their flight to Shanghai by now.

Information provided by FlightView.

Again, we are not sure if they are onboard but will try to find out.

Fortunetely, there are 2 flights direct between Paris and Shanghai later today for them to take if they didn't get on the first one.


The Journey from Orem, Utah, USA to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China - Part4

Tori, Tim and Maria have boarded Air France AF027 bound to Paris.

It wasn't without a scare though. Tim and Maria were told 90 minutes before boarding that the ground crew wasn't sure they will be able to let Tori board the plane. After several discussions with the Air France doctors and a few faxes later they were finally all aligned and ready to let them board.


The Journey from Orem, Utah, USA to Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China - Part2 (in Washington)

Tori, Maria and Tim made it to Washington Dulles airport!

They are all sound and safe. They even found out that Tori's chair fits through the aisle of that domestic jet aircraft.

Maria said that Tori didn't sleep and chose to watch movies throughout the flight. Tori is now resting in the lounge.

Right now (2pm MST) they are sitting in the Air France lounge. They are trying to get out of Washington earlier on an Air France flight leaving in a few minutes but Air France is making it difficult.

Thank you,

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