Tori's 9th Grade School Picture

Tori's 9th Grade School Picture

Update: managed to obtain a larger version of this photograph.
This picture was Tori's ninth grade school picture at Oak Canyon Jr. High School...TORI WE ALL LOVE YOU AND YOU ARE SOOO BEAUTIFUL!

tim u sly fox haha. yeah i

tim u sly fox haha. yeah i did wonder where that went.. but.. when i knew it was in tims hands i was fine. good thinkin.. i was going to put them on.. but it takes years to scan them then find then and put in on and write something.. i'm just glad u did it for me haha. thanks. and just bring them on back whenever u want. u could wait 10 years and i would be fine haha. love you!

mckenzie lambright :)

I was in the ambulance when

I was in the ambulance when Tori was brought in to Delta. We were so amazed when we got a heart beat back. We knew she would be a real fighter. We are so happy with her progress. Our prayers are with her every day. This is a nice way to have an update on her progress.

There has been a break in...

Kourtney talks in her book pages about breaking into Tori's house and getting her iPod.

Well, there has been a break-in but it wasn't in Tori's house.

Tim figured that McKenzie would not mind, since she is in NYC, to see her poster of Tori's photos borrowed.

This is where the picture above is now coming from. Hopefully we will be able to scan many more of the great pictures there and post them here soon. Thank you Shelby for posting the picture and sparking the idea :-)