As I was searching the net for stem cell treatments for BI, I found Tori’s blog. Tori is a beautiful girl, and I’m hoping you see great results with the stem cell treatments. My daughter, Brooke also sustained a tbi in a car wreck (1996). I am anxious to follow Tori’s progress with the stem cell therapies, and to also give your family encouragement with what we have been through.

Brooke had just turned 16, was an inexperienced driver & missed a curve. She was air-lifted from the scene & placed in intensive care. She was eventually weaned from the respirator and sent on to a coma stim program, remaining there for 2 months - unresponsive to all therapy. Three months after her wreck, they recommended we place Brooke in a nursing home, but we chose to bring her home. She was total care, in diapers, and on a feeding tube 24/7. She received in-home OT, PT, Speech & home schooling. Her therapy schedule was intense, beginning in the morning, and continued all day.

After a few days at home, Brooke slowly began to respond. Her first response was to reach out for a therapist, we later saw a crooked smile, then her first tiny word came 90+ days after her wreck.

Brooke’s junior year of high school was spent at home. Thirteen months post accident, she returned to school part-time. The following spring, she graduated with her senior class, and presented the baccalaureate address.

Brooke has continued to improve - she enrolled in our local community college and earned her AA Degree, then moved onto a university campus & lived in the dorm (this was her most difficult step). With a great deal of support, she earned a BS Degree in Social Work in 2006. The local TV news did a feature story about her, if you would like to have a link to it, I would be happy to send it.

We used several alternative therapies: 300+ HBO treatments with Dr. Neubauer in Florida, scalp acupuncture with Dr. LiXin in Denver (specifically for stroke/BI), as well as regular acupuncture, biofeedback, cranial/sacral therapy, etc. It has been a very long road and the injury has left Brooke with several disabilities. Life is different-- for sure -- but good. I wish you the very best in Tori’s recovery.