Travis, another Hero

Hi My name is Missy Ashton. We lived in Orem 6 years ago, and our son Travis, 11 at the time was in a car accident traveling home from Baseball practice. From what I have read about Tori, they are kindrid spirits. Kind and loving, a friend to all. Travis was always talented and successful at everything he attempted. He has always been a leader. Things in life were always easy for him. That changed the day of his accident. From that moment forward, everything has been hard. We have a family saying "Whats wrong with hard??" Which is a story in and of itself. However, he too has overcome great odds. He was in a coma, he had a left bone flap, he contracted spinal meningitis while in a coma. He was not expected to live either. His prognosis was that "if" he lived, he would be in a vegatative state. He did live, and when he came out of the coma, physically he WAS in a vegetative state. He could not move any part of his body, not even blink at will. He could lauph and smile and cry. He had to have a feeding tube, and a ventricular shunt put into his head to keep the spinal fluid from building up. Cognitively his IQ is the same, and his personality hasnt changed a bit. We also were at Utah Valley Hospital, Primary Childrens Hospital and then Healthsouth rehab.
Travis has been through alot of long hard battles. He has overcome alot. He no longer has a wheelchair and takes care of himself. He no longer has a feeding tube, or a VP shunt to regulate his spinal fluid. He is on no medications. He was in the same shape your daughter is in now. He was not given any of those miracles within the first year, They have come gradually over the past six years, with a HUGE amount of hard work,large amounts of money, and an even greater amount of faith.
Travis right side is still weak. He walks with a limp. He cannot use his right arm, and although his able to eat and drink, he cannot speak as of yet. He attends American Fork High School, he's a senior. He is brighter than most, but struggles to read well(mostly due to poor eyesight) and has a hard time communicating at times. However he is friend with just about everyone at the high school. Without speaking, he has an amazing ability to communicate. He plays golf and loves to dance and is very involved in student activities.
We have done so many different therapies. Some successful, some not. We are still working and searching.
I would like to learn more about the clinic you are taking Tori to. I would also love to share with your family some of the battles we have faced and have overcome, it sounds like you all are climbing the same mountains. Maybe I could share some of our lessons weve learned along the way that the medical field doesnt know or share. It appears that you are seeking those things out.
I believe that only the bravest of Gods children are asked to walk through such hard trials as Tori is now going through. I am the mother of one of those children. It has been quite a journey. An unexpected and hard one, but very worthwile.
I look forward to getting to know more about Tori and your family.
I know I am a stranger, but I feel a closeness to you because of such similar circumstances.
I will also join the many that are praying for Tori.
Missy Ashton, Mother of Travis

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Re: Travis, another Hero

Thank you Missy for introducing all of us to Travis and your family. Right now, I can not even comprehend six years of life as it is today... That is ALOT of long hard battles as you describe and we are constantly exhausted and stressed now after only a year and half. It sounds like Travis has come a long way and we can only hope, pray and try everything humanly possible to bring Tori along that far as well. Recovery and progress is extremely slow and at times it seems unbearable... 'Stop and Slow' is how many describe brain injury recovery and it is unfortunately and certainly true.

Thank you again for sharing Travis's story and I definitely would like to discuss some of treatments and therapies you have tried. I will be sending you an email.