Tori's Celebration of Life

Heaven's not a place that you go when ya die it's the moment in life when ya actually feel ALIVE.
-Tori Schmanski (early 2005)

Thank you for your patience and I have finally included the audio recordings and other items for Tori's Celebration of Life service below. I sincerely apologize for the delay. They have been ready for some time though I haven't in my ability to accumulate and present them for all of you. I tried many weeks ago but struggled greatly and just needed some time and to make it through this difficult holiday season first. We love and miss you so very much Tori...

Pages from Tori's wonderful Memorial Book will hopefully be posted on this page shortly as well.

Thank you all once more for the love, prayers and support for Tori and our family. It is greatly appreciated and we are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives.

Sincerely and forever grateful,

The Schmanski Family

Funeral Program (PDF)

Lyrics (PDF) from the songs played during the service

Tori's poem From Losing You (PDF) that was recited by Whitney and Brendan

Audio Recordings:

Disc 1 Track 1 (2:13) - Bishop Bob Cluff, Family Prayer - Todd Schmanski

Disc 1 Track 2 (39:19) - Bishop Bob Cluff opening, Opening Prayer - Mark Harris, Music 'Victoria' by John Mayer, Eulogy - Chris Dowling , Tribute - Whitney and Brendan, Tribute Song - Dance Company friends 'Praise the King', Tribute - McKenzie Lambright and Kourtney Boyack

Disc 2 Track 1 (38:24) - Tribute - McKenzie Lambright and Kourtney Boyack (cont), Poem - Sandy Schmanski, Speaker - Mark Harris, Music 'Hear you hear me' by Jimmy Eat World, Closing Prayer - Janine Schmanski Kopff, Hymn - 'God be with you till we meet again'

Disc 2 Track 2 (4:10) - Dedication of grave - Mike Newsome

The head panel tree of life (PDF). Inspired by Whitney and Maria from all the things Tori loved, was designed and created by Jakub Steiner.

Here are some select photos from the service as well taken by Eric Ward.