Options for donating to the Tori Schmanski Fund

By reaching this website, we know you have already felt the amazing impact Tori has had on the lives of so many people. We are extremely grateful for the amount of love, prayers and support that has been and continues to be offered for Tori and our family. Tori was so full of life and had an incredible potential which makes her injury that much more difficult to accept. We have always believed Tori would 'change the world' in some fashion and we still believe it now though she will probably accomplish it in a different manner.

Tori's condition will require extensive care and medical attention. We are committed to providing Tori with the most complete and comprehensive care available. This will be absolutely critical to her recovery. Health Insurance coverage combined with the resources from the Tori Schmanski Fund will help us to ensure this.

Your donation will help support Tori's future and her overall 'quality of life'. All donations will be secured in an Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) account opened under her name.

A paypal account has been associated with her fund, making it easy for you to donate online. Select the 'Make a Donation' button to donate via paypal now. You will also find information about a traditional banking transfer (check or wire transfer) here.

There are also various Pray4Tori items available below:

November 27th 2006: All prices have been updated.

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Direct Donations You will find details regarding 'Donations to the Tori Schmanski Fund'

We want to thank everyone who has donated to Tori's fund. Your love and support for Tori is greatly appreciated and we are forever grateful for your kind and generous contributions.

With Love,

The Schmanski Family