Tori is so sympathetic

My favorite attribute about Tori is how sympathetic she is. I can remember when I was having a hard day and I would walk into dance crying, and Tori would be the first one to say "What's wrong?" and in less than a second, she would be crying too. Tori would cry before she even knew what it was about. She could never see one of her friends crying without her crying. I love that about her. She is so caring for everyone, and never left anyone out. While we were learning our dance "Triumph of the Heart" Tori and I were on the same side off stage and we would always talk. The topics would always be either 1. Jake 2. anyother boy that she had a small crush on that day 3. Her whole life story 4. She would ask questions about me. Tori is always interested in everyone else. I love that she is sooo boy crazy and didn't talk about anything else. She's a talker, that's for sure. I felt like everytime after we rehearsed that dance, I knew every little detail about Tori. She loves talking to anyone that will listen. Even though she would talk my ear off, I miss that. I miss knowing who she liked that day, or what she did the past weekend. I can't wait to go visit her and see her smile again. I know that she will be talking all of our ears off again...I'm pretty excited for that! Love you Tori. You are so loved by everyone.