Monday through Thursday, March 19th through the 22nd

Hello all,

The trend with Tori's high muscle tone and frequent states of agitation and discomfort continues... I believe we are in for another full week of it until she gets her botox and phenol injections. We are trying to counter her mood and pain with small, but steady zanaflex and xanax doses. At least she has kept her new G-Tube in up until now.

Meredyth went on a vacation this week so Tori hasn't had any ST sessions and she has had only one PT session to this day. Her last one of the week is scheduled for tomorrow. The weather has been pretty nice here this week so Tori has spent alot of time outside in her wheelchair which she really enjoys. I have been stretching her arms while she is in her wheelchair and she has been raising them in front of her, to her sides and somewhat over her head when I demonstrate the movements for her. It is hard for her given her muscle tone and her arm control isn't as well as it normally is either. Once the injections are done I am sure much of her control will return.

I have spent most of my time this week working between Orem and SLC for the Novell BrainShare Conference. I've had to race back and worth to pick Whitney and Brendan up from school and I'm thankful the conference ends tomorrow. Maria and Whitney are in Bountiful tonight for a dance competition which will run the next three days. So they will be travelling alot as well. All of us can get back to the more 'normal' routine next week!!

And that is the short update for today. Thank you for all of the love and support,