Have you ever looking into Advanced Bio-Mechanical Rehabilitation (ABR). The nearest clinic is based out of Montreal, but they do satelitte trainings in the US. Our son has a baclefin pump and we have been able to reduce the dose 120 micrograms since starting it with no increase in tone. I also know many families who have avoided surgeries like the tendon lengthening. If you want to learn more visit www.blyum.com or www.abrcanada.com or email me.

I am glad to hear about Tori's progress and am exploring the stem cell option. You are in our prayers.

Mandy Arrowsmith
Peach Bottom, PA
Mom of Jonny, 6, who has TBI from a car accident 3 years ago.

ABR/Now I Can

Hi Tim, I also have researched this kind of therapy for Lauren. It is called suit therapy and we took Lauren to one in Kansas City, Mo. last July. It is a great program. Lauren also had Hyperbarics with it. She did attempt to hold her head up on her own. We unfrotunetly had to leave early, because of increased seizure activity which turned out to be part medication problem and part myoclonic twitches, not seizures. If you get a chance I would look into it for Tori. I plan on taken Lauren back to Mo. or a closer one in the future. Want to wait and see the results of her Stem Cells in China!Hope all is well with Tori and the family. Hope you and Brendan have an awesome time at Disneyland. We are only about an hour or so from there. your family is forever in our prayers.
Bonnie and Lauren
Menifee, Ca.


Hi Mandy,

I have actually looked into ABR but I'm not sure if Tori would be ready for it quite yet... I'm also looking into other intensive therapies and there happens to one called Now I Can that is right here in Orem. I'm trying to make my way over there for a visit to see the facilities and meet the staff but I haven't been successful in getting there yet... I have at least spoken to someone there and with someone who has a child in the program as well. I know they are also looking forward to my visit. Hopefully I will make that way soon.

Thanks again,