Thursday through Sunday - March 1st through 4th

Hi there!!

Tori has done well over the past few days and is remaining healthy. She also seems to be sleeping little more than usual but that is a good thing since she tends to become less agitated while she is awake.

Her home PT and ST therapies are continuing with Shawn and Meredyth coming over twice per week. We provide the PT on any other day of course. We are still trying to feed Tori each and everyday through her mouth and she can consistently eat almost an entire applesauce. She likes applesauce better than yogurt and we think it is because there is more texture to it. Tori's high school assistants made it over last Friday and worked with her a bit as well. They are also going to try and come over two or three times per week.

Tori's baclofen pump increase at the PCMC went fine and she is now scheduled for botox and phenol injections towards the end of the month. We also made an appointment with a orthopedic surgeon while we were there and have an appointment in early April to review Tori's tendon release surgery on her left ankle. We may look for another surgeon closer to home for the operation as well.

We took Tori for a drive today and also went shopping at Costco. When I asked her if she wanted to go out and that she needed to use her voice to tell me she was pretty quick to respond with an "aaahhhhh". So off we went!! Tori had a good time and enjoyed a few of the Costco samples as she normally does. She was also very relaxed this afternoon and evening and spent most of the time with us all in the family room. She really loves the beautiful and comfortable new quilt that Lauren's family made for her!! Thank you!! :-)

Another new week is upon us and we're hoping it will be a quiet and progressive one for Tori. I will also be heading to Disneyland with Brendan later this week for a little 'getaway' just for him. He deserves it as he seems to get shortchanged somewhat with our constant care needs for Tori and Whitney's various travel escapades to dance competitions. We are both looking forward to the trip!! :-)

Thank you all as always and your support and prayers mean the world to us,

The Schmanski's


I know when Tori was in China she had numerous accupuncture sessions. Did they ever do the scalp accupuncture? Or were they only doing the accupuncture for her spasticity and contractures? I ask this because I have an accupuncturist coming out to the house next week to see my son, Jeffrey. As I had mentioned before, he is in similar condition as Tori. I had looked at the scalp accupuncture and wondered if you knew anything about it. I don't want to put him through any unnecessary pain. I would appreciate your response to this. You can e-mail me at
Thank you. God is good .... all the time.
Charlene Parker/Jeffrey's mom

Ortho Surgeons

One surgeon I highly recommend is Kirt Kimball. He has offices at the Timp hospital and down at UVRMC. If he doesn't work out for you, check out the surgeons at the U of U. They worked on my dad before he passed away (he had many surgeries due to Rheumatoid Arthritis) and they were all really good. However, their names don't come to my mind. But, they are all really good at the U. Let me know what you find out.

Re: Ortho Surgeons

Thanks for the feedback Brittany and to everyone else who is contributing ideas as well. We will check into Kurt and some other local surgeons because I believe the PCMC has a pretty long waiting time...

Thanks again,


No problem....anything I can

No problem....anything I can do to help! Don't hesitate to ask.


Hope you & Brendan have an AWESOME trip to Disneyland. I think it's great that you are doing that for him. ENJOY the sunshine!!!!