new york!!!

hey everybody, we just got back from new york city today from dance nationls. they went really good. we got 2nd and 3rd and some other awards then we got into the galla with no strings. we didnt end up winning the galla but it was so cool to get into it. jrs won criticts choice in the galla though. that was awesome. and ali holker won sr outstanding dancer. so i thought we did really good. we missed tori so much though. it was relaly hard. but everytime we went on stage we said a prayer for tori. everytime we were out there all our strengh was for her. we all love ya so dang much. we have a couple suprizes for ya tori. haha dont worry you didnt miss to much about travis. he cut his hair off. hes still amazing but nothing like he used to be. we acutally talked to him this time to. me and kourtney and kenz got a picture with him for ya. kirra had to take us up to him and ask him cause we were too scared. you werent there to do that so we had to go to kirra. haha kinda lame. but he also signed ya something.we all thought that would make your day. well we all miss you so much. you need to come back. your doing so good. i have so much faith in you. i love you so much.