Hello again

Just a quick note to say hello again and that I'll say some extra prayers for Tori to find comfort and ease whatever pain she's having. You all have a beautiful daughter and I find myself staring at her pictures just feeling sooo much emotion for her and you, her parents. I understand so much of what you're feeling, especially the desperate search for any and all treatment possibilities. It's a daily thing for me for Samantha. Have you ever heard of the study using Amantadine to help those that are listed in the minimally conscious state? I believe it was the key factor that helped Samantha break through when she was not yet doing any real purposeful movements or following commands. I know our daughters injuries are different, each brain injury is so individual, but this medication is under Federal study so it had to pass a number of preliminary tests first. Another mom told me recently that she felt Amantadine was the deciding factor for her daughter who was over a year post injury and on 35 different med's at one time. I'll be glad to email you the info if you haven't heard of it and are interested in checking it out.
May God have Tori & Samantha in His healing hands right now.
In His love, Diana Palumbo

Re: Hello Again


Thanks for your post and we have researched Amantadine in the past. We were negotiating with her physician on giving it to her but I think we ended up trying another medication. I don't think we tried Amantadine after all but I'll need to go back into the updates and check for sure. Please email the information to admin@pray4tori.com as I am definitely interested.

Thank you,