Tuesday and Wednesday, October 10th and 11th

Hello all,

Tuesday and Wednesday were another couple of good days for Tori. She slept great Monday night but not as well Tuesday night as she was awake on and off throughout the evening.

Tori is still eating small amounts of food and she had white rice, more cheese,applesauce and some ice cream over the past couple of days. She still becomes agitation during the late afternoon and early evening hours and we counter it with xanax or zanaflex depending on how tight her body is.

Megan from THS came over again today to work with Tori but she was quite sleepy so the tracing of leaves onto paper wasn't as successful as it could have been. Megan works very well with Tori and she has alot of experience working with disabled kids.

My stem cell research is continuing and getting Tori's passport is one of the next items on the list. There are some very good Patient Blogs and Experiences posted here on the China Stem Cell News website. Lukas is in Shenzhen, China right now and here is his Blog which is very descriptive about the China experience as a whole. I'm communicating with others who have made the trip as well and Tori WILL be getting SCT at some point in the near future.

Maria and Whitney left for Boston tonight to spend some time with Guy and Sophie who are now living there. I'm sure they will have a blast!! So it is me, Tori, Brendan and Grandpa and Grandma for a few days until they return.

Thanks you all once more,


Re: Tuesday and Wednesday, October 10th and 11th

A quick note to let everyone know that Maria and Whitney arrived safely in Boston at 11:59pm on Wed.

They got to the airport a few hours after me. Flying out of Nuremberg, Germany on Wednesday morning myself, we almost got to the airport at the same time.

We drove home and got situated. Of course after many days of sushine, it was pouring rain. The weather is back to splendid as I am writing this.