Monday and Tuesday, September 25th and 26th

Hi everyone,

Tori is just about back to her 'normal' self since her bout with another illness. She is sleeping nicely again and that alone certainly helps all of us.

The school district physical therapist stopped by and did a preliminary evaluation. We will now try and schedule and PT session for once a week.

Tori continues to spend her afternoons and evenings in her wheelchair surrounded by her family. She seems to enjoy this time of day and being involved in the activities.

Maria and I took Tori to the Shriner's Hospital in SLC on Tuesday for her 6 month checkup. She had an x-ray of her spine and it indicated her scoliosis or curvature of the spine has increased from 39 degrees to 45 degrees. They will typically insert a rod to straighten the spine once it reaches 60 degrees or more and we examined another x-ray with the rod inserted. Her spine would also be fused with the rod in place. Tori may get there or she may not. Tori left achilles is extremely tightened and surgery will eventually be needed if we want to try and stand her on a tilt table or something. We need to consider this further before acting on it.

That is about all for now.

Thank you,