Sister's Forever!!

Sister's Forever!!

Tori and Whitney


I have not met Tori, ever! But I knew Ali Hill cause we did a play together at BYU. And she showed me this website. So the other day I was just thinking about that and I wnated to see how Tori was doing so I got onto the website. And it just brought me to tears. And I really wanted to no more about Tori. But I saw this picture and I started to cry cause these two girls are so pretty!! I have seen other pictures of Tori and she is so pretty in all of them! I wish I was that gorgeus! I just thought I would tell you, Tori has been in our prayers. I told my mom the other day about her and so when we had prayer I reminded everyone to pray for Tori, and my brother was saying our family prayer, and he is six years old. He said " And dont forget about Tori and her family" And I was so happy my heart just melted. I hope that Tori keeps on doing better,and hopefully someday I will get to meet Tori!

the shirt

Now that's the shirt that I remember Tori most in. She would wear this to dance...uh every day!! Haha it's navy blue with an orange "old navy" logo on the front left corner and a big orange picture on the back of it. It has a hood and it's long sleeve. Wow, this shirt is Tori's shirt. haha I remember it so well..

Re: the shirt

That's right!

Sophie kept mentioning this but I could not picture it. With your description it is all clear now!

She used to drag her feet on Sundays wearing this top and whichever pair of pants she would come up with (sometimes several...) he he.