My Best Friend

Hi, my name is Shaid DePalma. I am writting this so everyone can see and understand just how close me and tori were.
Tori and Me used to basically live together, we used to go to school together,we used to have swimming lessons together,we were little partners in crime my mom always says.
Tori and Me basically grew up together. We hungout all the time and went snowboarding and swimming at the pool. We would watch movies and play playstation and shot some pool.
Me and tori talked just about everyday weather it be on msn or the phone or even in person.
We went to lagoon and 7 peaks and even sundance to snowboard.
Everyone PLEASE PRAY FOR TORI she still has a long ways to go and she needs all of them.
Your Grandma always said she thought we were going to get married. haha! funny funny!
I LOVE YOU TORI!!!! you will always be in my heart!
Shaid DePalma