Dance Club friends showing off their P4T shirts

Dance Club friends showing off their P4T shirts

They all have their shirts now and wore them to the first day of school here in Utah!! Left to right - Kourtney, Amber, Mckenzie, Angel and Megan.


You guys are adorable! we can do it guys! DANCE FOR TORI!

I have shirts!

If anyone wants to buy a Pray 4 Tori shirt that couldn't make it to the fundraiser, I have some! You call me any time and come get one!
Mare Hess
I don't have these shirts, they are the other ones with the bracelet on the front! They are awesome too!

you guys look so cute modeling the

haha you guys all look so cute modeling those shirts in that picture. i kind of have a huge favor. i'm moving tomorrow to singapore (it's so far away im going to miss everyone) and i was wondering if i could probably get a shirt today maybe? i missed the fundraiser on saturday at makenzie's house i think it was at? but anyways... if there is anyway that could happen then that would be awesome. i love you tori!!! and nicole and annie im going to miss you. it was nice seeing you at school today before i have to leave tomorrow :( and i will miss the wrest of you too. you are all so gorgeous!! stay in touch and thanx :)

Cute girls in cute shirts!

What cute girls you are! You are wonderful models! Wear those to school to remind everyone to Pray 4 Tori!

The Look

You ladies are Hot! I love the shirts, but especially with the tights. You girls are awesome -Emily


Yay!!!!!! We're so glad you guys got the shirts in time for school. You all look sooooo cute. Hopefully everyone else thought so ;) ! Kourtney...sorry your lettering is so much bigger-they ran out of all of the smaller 4's.

Heather and Eddie

where did they get the

where did they get the shirts .. will there be some at marilyn's saturday? i want one so bad! .. my first day of school is tuesday so i still have time to get one!