42nd Annual Schmanski Reunion pictures...

42nd Annual Schmanski Reunion pictures...

Pictures from the 42nd Annual Schmanski Reunion are available here.

They illustrate how this reunion was dedicate to Tori.

You will find the image gallery here.

Schmanski Clan

Look at that handsome clan. This pic was taken in the beautiful hills of Ellsworth, WI. We did dedicate this day to Tori. What a day it was, we had Wisconsin sweet corn grilled in the husk by Uncle Will, and all the food you could eat. Not a conversation was heard without mention of our girl, Tori. We had our usual family meeting, which started with a prayer for Tori. We had a good day, but it really was not the same without our family from Utah. I look forward to the next one, which will be a year from now, and hopefully in celebration of our girls great recovery!