Monday January 7th through Sunday Januay 27th

Hello again and I know it has been way too long since the last update...

Tori has has been doing well and hadn't been sick until the past several days... She had flu like symptoms and stomach issues for about 2-3 days. She had a 103 degree temperature at one point and couldn't hold any of her liquid food down. She vomited often and may have aspirated some of it as her blood oxygen levels dropped into the high 70's and low 80's range. So we had to give her some extra oxygen over those days to help keep her in the lower 90's. We also used pedialyte to keep her hydrated during this time. The worst is now over as she is off oxygen and bad to her normal feeding levels. She looks and feels much better than she did. We don't quite understand how she became sick because none of us has really been sick so far this year. As far as we know none of her therapists or any of her visitors were sick either. It seems this is the season for issues like this no matter how cautious you are.

We also took another trip to the Shriner's Hospital in SLC last week to have her feet casted again for new braces. They should be much softer than her current set which give her pressure sores after being on for only a couple of hours... The new ones will be read in a few more weeks.

The company I work for was acquired at the first of the year so now we have new insurance company to 'break in' regarding primarily Tori and her care of course. Plus I am spending alot of time trying to close out all of her pre 2008 medical bills and the like with her past insurance companies. It is a never ending and constant battle to say the least... Hopefully our new insurance will be cooperative and easy to work with but time will tell.

There not too much else to update on at that this time and we greatly appreciate the continued prayers and support for Tori and our family.

Thank you,

The Schmanski Family - Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan

Baclofen Withdrawal?

Hi, I'm not sure if I posted these thoughts elsewhere on this site. I'm still rather new to all this blogging & computer stuff. But I just wanted to share that Cade ( had a tough 4 weeks recently due to baclofen withdrawal coinciding with his pump re-fill. His symptoms started out much like your description of Tori's unexplained flu. Cades family hadn't been educated on what to watch for with a baclofen withdrawal, in fact, it got past 4 of our best hospitals and doctors. I'm hoping Tori is feeling better by now and that hers was nothing more than a virus. But for the sake of sharing information that might be helpful to each other, I just wanted to mention it. I pray for Tori and your family each and every day.
in His love, Diana Palumbo


Hi Tim
Wading through the insurance maze can be quite daunting. I spent the first 2 years after my daughter's tbi battling our insurance for coverage of her therapies, etc. After she turned 18, she became eligible for Medicaid, because even though she lived at home with us, she was considered an adult (with no income) & our income was no longer an issue.
We continue to carry our private insurance as her primary coverage, b/c more doctors, hospitals, etc are willing to take her as a patient, but with Medicaid as her secondary, our insurance battles were over. Medicaid forces our primary insurance to cover all of her needs. She has the best of both - and our insurance battles finally ended. Take care, Jan.