Schmanski @ Training Table (camera phone)

Schmanski @ Training Table (camera phone)

As part of a very busy Saturday, 19th August 2007, they all decided to go to training table after watching Shrek III (what an interesting invention the dollar theater...).
As we were getting situated and just after Whitney and Brendan were done being mad at me for picking up the phone and ordering the food for them, we very nice gentleman and his girlfriend stopped by to introduce themselves to Tori and her family.
I wanted to personally thank Anthony for introducing himself to Tori and taking a few minutes out of this time to be kind and very generous to the Schmanski's. He so kindly addressed Tori it was really moving. Farewell and prosper Anthony.



This is a cute picture! I love it!

Nice Picture

This is a nice picture of Tori. She looks so pretty and cute. Don't ever give up on Tori. She means so much to you. Continue to work with the Stem Cell therapy. This treatment or therapy seems to be one of the best options for people with anoxic brain damage. You are realy treating Tori with dignity and respect and giving her a better quality of life. For that, you can only truly be honored. Many people want to hide and isolated their disabled loved one away from the world. Many view their disabled loved one as a nonperson.

I see that Tori is a living, breathing human being that deserves care and respect.

Go Tori!

God Bless,