Wednesday through Monday, April 11th through 16th

Hello again,

Tori is still doing very well lately but I am behind a little bit on updates once again... Tori remains typically calm and not agitated throughout the day and we are using far, far less xanax and zanaflex that we once were.

The Dance Club held their year end concert and Maria, Brendan, Tori and I watched Whitney perform in many routines. All of Tori's friends were performing as well and Tori did very well being around them and everyone else after the performance finished. Tori watched all of the concert and lasted the entire 3 hours!!! That is quite impressive for her as she normally would become restless and agitated after 2 hours tops. She was very calm, alert and attentive to all of the routines and watched them very closely. We were on the front front row so the dancers came very close to her at times. Whitney did phenomenally as usual and it ended up being a pleasant night for all of us. I posted a few pictures in the images section in the right hand column of the Pray4Tori site.

Tori is spending more and more time in her wheelchair lately and around us all in the kitchen and family room much of the time. This helps us in keeping her eating snacks and dinner through her mouth. She is still doing well on that front and we're trying more and different food items each day. Tori received her ST and PT late last week and did well in both. She is staying alert and participating which is nice to observe and Meredyth and Royal appreciate it as well.

Maria had Tori outside for much of the day today and they worked in the yard. Thankfully Tori didn't get another sunburn this time. Maria is planning on taking Brendan and Whitney on a spring break trip later this week so it will probably be Tori and I at home. I'm sure we can find something fun to do as well!! :-)

Finally, here is another great article on Stem Cell research in China. It's still amazing to me how many people question our decision to go to China of all places?!?! Research it people as it is not the communist China of many years ago... China also has a trillion dollar budget surplus so just where do you think they will be spending it???

Thank you all as always!!

The Schmanski's
Tim, Maria, Tori, Whitney and Brendan