Still Praying

Hi Tim,

Finally had a few minutes to send a note. I check your website daily, sometimes twice a day. Your family has captured my heart and are in my daily prayers. THANKS for all the updates. I loved hearing what was going on in China and of course, was learning from you for possibly treating Samantha with stem cells also. I'm considering going to the Dominican Republic for fetal stem cells with an American Doctor from Malibu. My friend with a 15 year old with severe TBI just got back. Also, have to comment on my reaction to Bob Woodruff. Saw him and his wife on Oprah on Tuesday and was in complete amazement that he is sooooo back to normal in every visible way. If he has any lasting memory or cognition issues, it sure doesn't show. In watching, of course I too related to every detail they shared about those days in ICU and coma and didn't realize that I was re-living it inside. And then the HUGE disappointment flooded me that Samantha didn't open her eyes one day and say, "Hey Mom where have you been?" like he did to his wife. His recovery was exactly what I wanted for my daughter and was deeply hoping for every minute of our journey. To see how it actually could have happened for us totally overwhelmed me. I had the biggest meltdown I've had since Sami's accident in April 2005.
After I pulled myself out of my sorrow pit somewhat, (still trying to get back in control emotionally), I feel excited that we have someone who will bring TBI to the forefront of the news. Public awareness will help us all so much.

Well, primarily wanted to just say hello and thank you for the excellent and detailed updates that I, for one, am learning from and that help keep Tori in my heart and prayers.

in His love,

Diana Palumbo...Samantha's mom

Re: Still Praying

Hi Diana,

Thank you for your continued support Diana. All of the love and support we receive means so much to us but we especially hold those who are unfortunately in similar situations close to our hearts. Probably because we can relate so well to each other in regards to our pain and suffering, obstacles and challenges, and the progress and recovery we are all hoping and praying for. I also visit so many websites on a daily basis and communicate frequently with many other families as well. It's all about caring and sharing.

I am very, very happy for Bob's miraculous recovery and you are exactly right that he will push much more awareness towards brain injuries. His story touched me just as it did you and more than likely so many others. I certainly have 'my moments' of great sorrow and depression when considering Tori's condition, the HUGE challenges in caring for her, trying everything possible to help her recover, the tremendous strain on all of my family and quite frankly our quality of life and well being in general. It all takes a great toll but you can't let it consume and destroy you because it can and will. That's why I try and limit myself to 'a moment' as seldom as possible.

Thanks again Diana and please send me an email in regards to your Dominican Republic stem cell possibilities for Samantha.