Home at last!!!

Home at last!!!

Together again as they should be.

cute pic

This is a very cute pic of the kids together again. I agree with the last to posts. I also want to say that my prayers are with tori and her family. You keep up the great work Tori okay keep fighting okay. I've read alot about you lastnight on this site and holy cow girl you are one heck of a fighter. I hope you get well soon and I will keep praying for you. god bless and I also want to say that you are one heck of a beautiful girl you really are on the outside and the inside as well.

Great Picture!

I agree with Guy... this is a great picture! It is sooooo good to have you back home. I was able to see a few videos of their trip and hear some great stories. Thanks for sharing that with me. I can tell you I was amazed at some of the things they experienced! Tori looks great and you can tell she is very glad to be in her own bed! I cant wait to see her improvements over the next few months. I'll keep praying!!!
I love your family so much!

Re: Home at last!!!

Very nice to see them all together again. This is a great picture.