Tuesday, July 12th - Day 23 update

The air conditioning problems at the hospital are continuing to cause problems!! Tori's room was warm to hot (75 to 80+ degrees) all day again and I finally resorted to making them at least get Tori a fan tonight before I left the hospital at 10:45pm. As Guy pointed out in his mid-day update, the 4th floor AC was totally off for a while today and that is the infants section!! There are ALOT of upset and angry parents patrolling the hallways lately at the hospital and their frustrations are totally justified. It is still beyond belief that they are having so many power outages and AC issues...

Maria is actually going to spend the night at the hospital with Tori to make sure she stays cool. Her temperatures today ranged from 37 to 39 degrees Celsius (37.0 degrees Celsius is equal to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or normal body temperature). Tori was a little bit more responsive today but she is obviously still very uncomfortable with her mild fever and the room temperatures. She is almost lethargic in her actions and Tylenol is continually administered to her throughout the day. She did breathe without the respirator for four hours today and she did great with all things considered!! Her blood oxygen remained at 94-96% throughout the trial and her respiratory rate ranged from 25-35 breaths per minute which is very good as well. They placed her back on the respirator after the four hours and they are now on a four hours on and six hours off cycle.

Tori continues to cough every now and then but it is not continuous coughing like the previous days. Only Two to four strong coughs and she is done. She also seems to be getting more accustomed to the coughing as she rarely gets upset anymore.

That is pretty much it for today. Hopefully with a cool night's sleep and a cooler room tomorrow we can get more response and awareness out of Tori. We really need to see Tori in a pleasant and comfortable mood again...