Monday, October 9th - Day 477 Update

Good evening,

Tori's week started well today as she had plenty of sleep during Sunday night and early Monday morning. In the late morning Megan from THS arrived and worked with Tori for an hour. Now that they have had a few sessions Tori is beginning to respond better to her. Megan worked with more cards today and Tori got 7 out of 10 in picking out numbers. They also did some work with cards that had various emotions on them but we believe they are too abstract for Tori. Megan is going to see what other types of cards she can find.

In the afternoon Meredyth stopped by for an ST session. Tori did better than she has before in sticking her tongue completely out of her mouth to taste and lick a sucker. She repeated this over and over and I worked with Tori on it again tonight. Then Tori played several games on Meredyth's Mac computer. She had the big button connected and Tori would use her right hand and thumb to press it and the proper time. She did pretty good using this as well. Meredyth closed the day by having Tori pick the correct letters or letter combinations placed on cards. The letter(s) were associated with a sound which Meredyth sounded out and had Tori look at the card that matched. Tori did 20 out of 26 on this!! :-) Tori was tired out after that but she deserved a break after all of her great work.

Mike and Linda also came over to visit Tori and she was completely relaxed during their visit. Tori then spent the evening in her wheelchair watching TV as well as Brendan and Tinkers racing around the house. Grandpa and Grandma Schmanski also came back tonight after a weekend of kid sitting at Todd's house.

Please keep all of the prayers and support coming for Tori!!

The Schmanski's


We hope and pray Tori continues to make more and more progress with this program. It's truly something to look forward to.
Our family enjoyed visiting with Todd & Laurie again. They must have been good luck for the Vikings cause they won. Love & Prayers Always! Shirley